Our Products

Delivering Fresh Food Daily

Our meat and cheese spreads, dairy products and more come from Star Food Products, Inc., Tar Heel Brands; Creamy Snax Ice Cream, and other high quality producers of refrigerated and freezer products.

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Maolo Local Dairies

Pinecrest Foods distributes Local Products from Trusted Companies here in the Southeast

  • Dairy Products: Fresh Milk, Cream and Cultured products, all sizes
  • Famous Pulled Pork BBQ and Chilis Food Service & Retail
  • Packaged Meat: Bacon, Sausage, Cooked Ham, Turkey, and more
  • Sandwich Spreads: Chicken Salad, Ham Salad,  Pimento Cheese, and several others


Our Passion: Ice Cream

  • Large assortment of sizes available: From Super Premium to Local Blue Collar Ice Cream everyone knows and enjoys. National, Regional and Local Brands.

Dip Ice Cream and Convenience Store Programs with Pints and Novelties